Mohammed Salah: The Egyptian King


Egypt is qualified for the World Cup. That is partly due to one man: Mohammed Salah. What is the effect of Mohammed Salah to Egypt.

In the election a few months back was a good example of football madness in Egypt. Mohammed Salah had not nominated himself, but would have received a lot of votes. This was a form of protest of the Egyptians. They invalidated the name of the superstar on their vote voucher.

Egypt has always been a football country. Egyptians who are doing well in Europe are popular in Egypt, but Mohammed Salah takes it to a next level. Due him is the madness completely erupted in Egypt.


There were doubts about his transfer at the beginning. Liverpool fans were not happy with the 40 million Liverpool paid for the Egyptian. In retrospect, 40 million euros was a bargain. With 32 goals in 36 matches in the English Premier League he has become top scorer and players of the year.

Egyptian king

Mohammed Salah is not literally the Egyptian king, but that’s how it feels for many people. It did not go well with Egypt in recent years. They were in an economic crisis and there were many attacks that also worsened tourism. This tourism was very important for Egypt. Salah is not the solution for this problem, but he gives Egypt a better atmosphere. If Liverpool or Egypt are playing a match, there is nog violent atmosphere. Salah brings people together

Sympathetic man

Salah is not only a very good footballer, he is also a very sympathetic man. He is very modest and certainly has no arrogance. He donates a lot of money to the building of the village where he was born. Salah is also a supporter of Islam which makes him even more popular. He has Ramadan, even though he must play the most important match of his life: The Champions League Final.


The final of the Champions League was unfortunately a short one for Mohammed Salah. After a collision with Sergio Ramos he falls on the ground and a shoulder injury occurs. The injury is so serious that he has to leave the field. The Egyptians are curious. An investigation has now been started to see if Sergio Ramos has intentionally injured Salah.

The World Cup

Egypt is back at the World Championships since 1990. Egypt is very happy with this. So glad that it’s rumored that people bought tickets for the World Cup in Russia, but are now in the financial debt. The qualification was due to the star player Mohammed Salah, who made it to the World Cup with a penalty. The only question is: Will Mohammed Salah being recovered at the begin of the World Cup?

Will the football madness continue this summer, or will Egypt been eliminated in the group stage?